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BIAPT 2018 Annual Conference

The Practical Theologian as Reflective Practitioner

The next BIAPT annual conference will be held from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 July 2018 at the University of Warwick.

Speakers booked so far: Dr Clare Watkins, University of Roehampton


In the many contexts of practical theology, the challenges of becoming and working as a reflective practitioner are many. Indeed, it may sometimes appear that practical theology requires the making of bricks without straw. Our theme for 2018 recognises that around Britain and Ireland and beyond there are many excellent examples of reflective practice that can help us tackle this challenge. In particular, we invite conference delegates to engage with the following two sets of questions:

These questions are close to the heart of practical theology. Practice, reflexivity, integration and methodology are all pertinent here. Contributions that exemplify or analyse or do both are welcome - show and/or tell!

Further details of the 2018 conference will be made available in January 2018.

25th Anniversary BIAPT 2019 Annual Conference

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we will be adding an extra day to the conference to allow us to take a careful look backwards and forwards regarding developments in British and Irish practical theology. Put Monday 8 to Thursday 11 July 2019 in your calendar, and visit the 2019 Conference page for further details.

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