The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology is an active forum for practitioners, teachers and researchers in the broad field of practical theology.

It was founded in 1994, and has grown through its broad-based networks and successful annual conferences to a membership of nearly four hundred in Britain, Ireland and further afield. BIAPT is one of the key sponsors of the journal Practical Theology (formerly Contact).

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2020 Annual Conference

Practical Theology as Ecotheology

14-16 July 2020, Glasgow Caledonian University

In an era when scientists warn there is limited time left in which to reverse the most catastrophic effects of climate change, BIAPT 2020 will turn its attention to this most urgent of issues and to wide ranging engagement with ecological thinking. How do we interpret and respond to our contemporary ecological crisis in the light of our diverse faith traditions?  What theological resources, practices and convictions will enable us to respond most creatively and prophetically to planetary changes? What kinds of conversations between science and theology do we need to encourage and enable?

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