The Association has decided, in order to play a part in the development of Practical Theology, to establish a small fund to commission/promote research and networking proposals in the field.

We welcome proposals for creative and/or innovative projects. While not exhaustive, grants will be made, for example, towards:

  1. Hosting and promoting disciplined seminars / day conferences
  2. Supporting small scale research into new developments in Practical Theology

Such work should be earthed, self-critical and reflective on practice. Research would name BIAPT as a source and will be ‘owned’ by the association.

Proposals for funding, normally up to £500, should be emailed to the Treasurer, Mark Bennet, at Proposals should be detailed in 1 – 2 sides of A4 as an attachment. Proposals are considered by the committee four times a year, and so should be submitted by the 1st of the month in either October, December, February or May.