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Practical Theology Journal

When you join BIAPT your membership includes a print and online subscription to Practical Theology.

Practical Theology is published on behalf of the Contact Pastoral Trust. Formerly Contact: Practical Theology and Pastoral Care, the journal has been published since 1960 and plays a vital role for those who are involved in pastoral practice and for those who reflect on practical theology within an academic context. The journal’s mission has always been to contribute to the development of pastoral studies and practical theology by publishing creative articles which report good practice, and which offer fresh theoretical and practical insights in this area. It is multidisciplinary, with contributions drawn from counselling, social work, psychology, sociology, ethics, as well as pastoral and practical theology.

Variety to cater for all tastes is a hallmark, from monograph-length articles, through research reports of about 6000 words to much shorter accounts of practice, responses to events, interviews, book reviews, short stories and poems.

The audience for the journal are those practitioners and students doing masters courses and professional doctoral work in practical theology as well as traditional readers of the journal who have found it a continuing source of enrichment for their day to day practice of work and ministry.

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