BIAPT Diversity

These are exciting times for BIAPT. Having passed the threshold of five-hundred members last year the community of BIAPT continues to grow. This is a growth the BIAPT trustees wish to encourage as we pursue the goal of promoting practical theology throughout Britain and Ireland and beyond. The challenge of becoming a more diverse community, however, remains. 

As we reach out through new ventures and initiatives the BIAPT trustees are aware that we cannot achieve any meaningful outreach without creating a hospitable environment that is welcoming of new stories. In this regard we recognise that we have much to do to become a community where many more black and brown colleagues and friends as well as those who suffer from the injustice of  poverty feel at home. Here’s some of what we are doing:

  • Black and brown BIAPT members have the opportunity to attend our annual conference free of charge through the BAME Bursary scheme. The conference theme is Flesh and Blood, Embodiment and Practical Theology and will feature a keynote panel discussion on embodiment in black and womanist theologies. Any BIAPT member of black or brown heritage can attend this and all the other conference events for free regardless of whether they have already attended the SST conference by completing the BAME Bursary application form. More details can be found here.
  • For the first time anyone wishing to attend the BIAPT Annual Conference from the emerging regions of the global South can buy a concessionary rate ticket (£50).  Anyone buying the concessionary ticket will still be eligible to apply for a bursary.
  • We are currently developing a new article based website called Practical Theology Hub and hope to launch it within the next couple of months. Publishing non-academic articles and podcasts aimed at a broad audience the website will regularly publish articles on Black theologies as well as articles on Islamic and Hindu theology. If you would like to contribute or would like further information please send an email to
  • We have partnered with CMEAC in addressing injustices faced by ethnic minority anglicans and are seeking further partnerships to combat racial injustice.
  • BIAPT is also committed to granting affordable access to its membership benefits including the Practical Theology journal to theologians and practitioners in emerging regions of the global South. Through a new membership structure to be discussed at our next AGM we hope to be able to support those who suffer the consequences of global inequality.

Feel free to get in touch on any of these initiatives by emailing me at

Revd Owen Griffiths