Sounding Out Lockdown: theological listening in the time of Covid-19

November 18, 2020 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Wednesday 18th November 6pm (Zoom)

Based on an article using the field of sound studies to reflect theologically on the experience of lockdown, this session provides an opportunity to sound out our own experiences, perhaps even sounding off, by exploring some of the distinctive sounds of lockdown.  An introductory talk will introduce sound studies and its potential as a resource for practical theology, before drawing on journal entries for brief case studies considering the sounds of clapping, music-making and breath in the hi-fi outdoor and distorted online soundscapes of lockdown.

Stephen Roberts, reviews editor for Practical Theology, is Tutor in Practical Theology and Mission at South Wales Baptist College and Honorary Lecturer in Theology at Cardiff University.  He is an Anglican priest and amateur musician, and rooted in practical theology he teaches and writes in areas as wide ranging as religious diversity, theology and music, chaplaincy, mission, ethics, and liturgy / ritual. He recently edited, with June Boyce-Tillman and Jane Erricker, Enlivening Faith: Music, Spirituality and Christian Theology (Peter Lang, 2019), to which he contributed ‘Theology down at the crossroads: The spirituality of the devil’s music’.