Theological reflection (2006)

July 18, 2006 - July 20, 2006

Theological Reflection
18th – 20th July, 2006 (Manchester)

At the heart of Theological Reflection is the relationship of discourse about the nature of God to the exercise of faith and right living. This is an endeavour shared by laity and clergy, and embraces the entire life and witness of the Church. It is predominantly a critical, interrogative enquiry, in which day-to-day experience serves as a context for developing theological understanding. It enables the connections between human dilemmas and divine horizons to be explored, drawing upon a range of disciplines, including the Social Sciences, Psychotherapy, Medicine and the Arts.

Participants were recommended to read in advance: Elaine Graham, Heather Walton & Frances Ward, Theological Reflection: Methods (London SCM Press: 2005)


Elaine Graham is Samuel Ferguson Professor of Social and Pastoral Theology at The University of Manchester. She is the author of Making the Difference: Gender, Personhood and Theology (Mowbray 1995), Transforming Practice (Mowbray 1996, 2nd edition 2002) and Representations of the Post/Human (Manchester 2002)

Heather Walton is Lecturer in Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow and co-director of the Centre for Literature, Theology and the Arts. She researches in the field of literature and theology and is co-editor, with Elizabeth Stuart, of the journal Theology and Sexuality (Sage).

Frances Ward is an Anglican parish priest in the Diocese of Manchester and an Honorary Canon of Manchester Cathedral. She is the author of Lifelong Learning: Theological Education and Supervision (SCM Press 2005), co-editor of Studying Local Churches: A Handbook (SCM Press 2005) and Editor of the journal CONTACT: Practical Theology and Pastoral Care.