Special Interest Groups

BIAPT members represent a wide constituency of researchers and practitioners in different fields of practical theology. In recent years, a number of Special Interest Groups have been formed to encourage more focused academic and professional reflection in areas of particular current salience.

Any BIAPT member is welcome to convene a group which may be of interest to other members. If you wish to do so, please contact

Special Interest Groups are allocated time to meet during the annual conference, and have also sponsored occasional symposia with support from the association. For further information, please contact the relevant convenor below.

Groups may also have a bulletin board facility on Facebook where members are welcome to share information and professional discussions. Links to the relevant Facebook pages are shown below. Any member may register for regular alerts by clicking ‘Like’ on the Facebook page. If you are not already a member of Facebook, it is a simple process to sign up free of charge.

The Special Interest Groups are:

To find out more about these groups and their planned activities click on the relevant item in the menu at the top of the page.

BIAPT Local Groups

BIAPT local groups are an opportunity for anyone interested in practical theology to discuss, share, research and reflect with other practical theologians throughout the year. They are open to anyone and you don’t have to be a member of BIAPT to attend. As stated above there is a total of £300 available annually to Special Interest and Local Groups, with a maximum of £100 for any single grant awarded by the association.

At the moment there are five local groups:

Although not every region has a local group at present BIAPT is working to expand its provision throughout the UK and Ireland. If you wish to discuss starting a new local group please contact