Bible Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Gender, Migration, and Intersectionality

Category: Learning opportunities

Date: June 5, 2024

The Centre for Faith in Public Life at Wesley House, Cambridge, is pleased to inform that it is offering a new in-person short course on Saturday 29 June. The course is entitled “Bible Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Gender, Migration and Intersectionality” and offers a deep understanding of the Bible on matters of social justice through critical, contextual, and decolonial engagement. In the course, participants will learn how to apply transformative interpretations of selected texts in contemporary contexts.

This course will be delivered by Prof Sarojini Nadar and Prof Johnathan Jodamus, renowned academics from the University of Western Cape and visiting scholars at the Centre for Faith in Public Life at Wesley House. It is ideal for laypeople, scholars, theologians, clergy, students, and anyone passionate about exploring the Bible through diverse and liberating perspectives.

Click here for more information on the date, time, location, registration, and booking fee.