Call for Expressions of Interest: Practical Theology Journal special issue – Majority World Epistemologies for PT

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Date: September 22, 2021

As part of its commitment to internationalise, Practical Theology is seeking expressions of interests from potential guest editors and contributors for an issue in 2023 looking at Majority World Epistemologies and how they can inform or critique the discipline of practical theology.

When the journal Practical Theology was launched from its former incarnation as Contact in 2008, it was conceived as an international move away from a journal which had been almost wholly based in the British and Irish context. However this internationalising has remained within Europe, N. America and Australasia; certainly we have expanded into Africa and Asia but we remain largely white, western and Christian in the contributors and the reviewers of submissions.

We recognise that the task of further internationalising the journal in the Majority World is a complex one, but we do wish to take some steps towards it. One of the key issues is what practical theology actually looks like in very different places around the world – particularly what epistemologies are operative which may make one practical theology seem almost incomprehensible to another. In addition what Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist (to name but a few possibilities) practical theologies look like in conception and method has to be part of this conversation if we are to truly “internationalize”.

We would like to create a Special Themed Issue of the journal in 2023 to address this question. In the first instance we need expressions of interest from potential Guest Editors and contributors. The Guest Editors would create a proposal, invite submissions and curate the issue as a whole. They will be supported by our new Associate Editor, Dustin Benac, who will oversee the project. Please send your expressions of interest to: and