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Practical Theology Journal Special Issue – Call for Papers: Artificial Intelligence in Theological Perspective

Engaging Practical Theology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Contemporary Reflections on Narratives of Apprehension, Anxiety, Wonder, and Hope Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our world, prompting profound questions about the impact on human life, society, and spirituality. While AI and related technologies have been under development and use for over 50 years, the past […]

Call for Proposals – International Conference on Theology and Leadership

International Conference on Theology and Leadership The University of Lucerne with its Professorship of Pastoral Theology and Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE) of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium (ETF) are organizing 2-day international conference on the topic of Leadership and Theology. 19-21 June 2024 at University of Lucerne Content and Call for […]

Doing Practical Theology with Asian Resources: Retrospect and Prospect: Call for Papers

On 2 & 3 June 2023 (HKT), The Chinese University of Hong Kong will host an Asian Practical Theology International Conference in collaboration with the Asia Academy of Practical Theology (HK). The theme of the ONLINE conference will be Doing Practical Theology with Asian Resources: Retrospect and Prospect. Call for Papers has begun. Please submit […]

Practical Theology Special Issue – Call for papers: Majority World Epistemologies

An understanding of epistemic justice as a project of centring the knowledges and experiences of those communities that have been historically marginalized through colonization and ongoing violence allows us to reflect our praxis in the increasingly pluralised world. Mindful of this, the Practical Theology journal is seeking expressions of interest from potential contributors for an issue […]

Calls for creative writing – Ecotheology issue of Practical Theology

Nicola Slee, Anna Fisk and Mark Bennet – guest editors of the special conference issue of Practical Theology – are looking for poems and other short pieces of writing on the theme of Ecotheology as Practical Theology. We welcome poetry that reflects on our contemporary ecological crisis in the light of faith, bringing a prophetic […]

COMW Conference & Call for Papers

‘Visions of the Good Life: Salvation in the 21st Century’ 8-10 June 2022. Please links for Call for Papers – CCMW Conference June 2022 , Programme – CCMW Conference June 2022 and CCMW – Conference June 2022 – Flyer

Call for Papers – Dismantling Whiteness: Critical White Theology

Dismantling Whiteness: Critical White Theology – Saturday 17th April 2021 Please see Dismantling Whiteness conference for details of the Call for Papers and this online day conference hosted by the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture. Call for Papers deadline 31st January 2021.