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Practical Theology “Buddy System” Pilot

For some time we have been wishing to internationalize the reach of the journal Practical Theology – especially for our prospective authors. One of the barriers we identified was the requirement for English language writing. Thus following conversation among the Editorial team and consultation with our Trustees, we have worked with Dr. Alison Le Cornu (an expert in teaching […]

Diploma in Group Supervision

Wesley House Cambridge is running a new Group Supervision course  from October 2022 which is aimed at experienced supervisors who want to or already offering group supervision. For more information click here.

ACC 2022 Annual Conference

This year’s Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) annual conference will take place at the Hayes Conference Centre from Saturday 22 October to Tuesday 25 October. The theme is drawn from Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ […]

BIAPT North West Local Group Meeting

Decolonizing Gospel Music: A Practical Musicological Guide The next BIAPT North West Local Group event will be on Monday 27 June 2022 at the Nazarene Theological College Sydney Martin Memorial Lecture. The lecture will be delivered by Professor Robert Beckford. for more information please click here.

Free Empathic Listening Sessions

My name is Liza Gupta, M.A. and I’m starting my chaplaincy training with Karuna Care Education (an accredited chaplaincy training program). I’ve already done three introductory courses on emotions, trauma, addictions and grief. I also have a Master’s degree in education and have taught for several years. As a part of my training, I’m offering […]

Green Theology: an ecofeminist and ecumenical perspective – by Trees van Montfoort

An urgent, far-reaching Christian theological reconsideration of the relationship between God, creation, nature, and human beings. Trees van Montfoort demonstrates that Ecological Theology is not a sub-discipline of Theology but a rediscovery of Theology, focused not only on God and people, but all of creation. Drawing on the perspectives of eco-theologians from around the world, […]

Call for Presentations: Ireland – Scotland PT Conference

The Ireland – Scotland Practical Theology Conference on the subject of Othering is taking place online on Monday 27th September 2021 from 2pm – 8pm. For details of the call for presentations – extended deadline 19th July 2021 –  please follow this link.

PhD in Wesleyan Leadership, Ministry or Supervision

Wesley House, the Methodist member institute of the Cambridge Theological Federation, is offering a PhD scholarship in Leadership, Ministry or Supervision to be hosted by its Centre for Leadership, Ministry and Supervision. For further details click follow this link.