Overseas Missionary Study Centre 2020–2021 Online Study Program – with special offer for doctoral & postdoctoral students

Category: Learning opportunities

Date: August 27, 2020

Fall Semester offerings for the Overseas Missionary Study Centre 2020–2021 Online Study Program

Because of the global pandemic and restrictions on international travel, in place of our regular Residential Study Program seminars, OMSC has arranged a series of online seminars, author interviews, and webinars for 2020–2021 that will be of interest to pastors, scholars, students, and laypeople. See https://www.omsc.org/seminars for further details.

Note: In an effort to capture the energy of future leaders and provide a forum for them to “meet” each other during this global pandemic, doctoral or postdoctoral students in Mission Studies, World Christianity, or Intercultural Theology are invited to participate free of charge in all OMSC online offerings. Our one requirement is that you commit to participating in the full event (1-hour author interview, 2-hour webinar, or 6-hour, 3-day seminar). Please register by contacting us https://www.omsc.org/contact and specifying the event(s) in which you plan to participate. We will send you the Zoom link a week before each event.