BIAPT Membership – Standard

£45 now, renewable on the 1st January each year

Please do NOT use this form if you are RENEWING an existing membership or are a former member RE-JOINING after an absence of more than a year. Please leave this page and go to the Members’ Area and login. If you have any queries, contact the BIAPT administrator for advice.

New Member Application – Late Joiners * 

The BIAPT subscription year is a calendar year (i.e. from January to December), and as you are applying to join BIAPT after 1st September, new members are given a choice concerning when they will start receiving their complimentary issues of Practical Theology in hard copy.

Please select one of the options below, noting how this will affect your BIAPT subscriptions:
NOTE Whichever choice you make, your BIAPT membership will commence on receipt of payment, you will be included in the Members’ Directory, and you will have access to the secure Members’ Area on our website; you will also be able to access Practical Theology electronically on the publisher’s website using a direct link from within the Members’ Area.

Receive all of this year’s issues of Practical Theology. Your initial subscription will expire at the end of December 2023 and your membership will be due for renewal in January 2024

Your initial subscription will make your membership valid from now until the end of December 2024. You will not be sent any issues of Practical Theology for 2023 but you have full access to the full online archive, and you will receive all hard-copy issues during 2024

First payment: January 1, 2024